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Any item which you feel is the wrong size or wrong fit for you, please contact us and of course we are happy to arrange an exchange immediately.

We are so confident in the top quality of our products that if, for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any item we can offer you a money back guarantee.


AWsome Sports have developed a range of professional, top quality fabrics for use in their product range. Hand picked and put to the test by professionals at the top of their games, we’re confident you’re performance will improve using our products. Our AWsome Players certainly think so!

Fabrics - AWsome Thermatex

AWsome Thermatex – Moisture management & enhanced fit

The excellent moisture management from AWsome Thermatex fabric is achieve from a lightweight knitted polyester construction which helps draw moisture away from your body. Once at the outer surface this moisture evaporates into the air. The soft touch, Thermatex fabric is ideal for regulating body temperature as your body heats up during intense exercise.

Fabrics - AWsome Active

AWsome Active: Breathable & wind resistant

The AWsome Active fabric has a tightly knitted polyester construction, giving it excellent wind resistance. This prevents wind or cool air from penetrating the fabric, whilst maintaining high standards of breathability. AWsome Active fabrics are silky smooth to touch, super-light-weight and with a relaxed fit.

Fabrics - AWsome Microfibre

AWsome Microfibre: Extra-thin & extra-light

A finely knitted construction made from polyester strands thinner than silk, which in itself is 1/5 the diameter of human hair. It’s extremely light and stretchy, ideal for all the leg movements in sport. Like all other AWsome Performance Fabrics, The AWsome Microfibre has an excellent wicking ability – taking moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and dry.

Fabrics - AWsome Air-Flow

AWsome Air-Flow: Air-flow temperature management

A polyester mesh with wider eyelets. This allows air-flow to move freely in order to regulate body temperature during the most intense of sporting environments.The AWsome Air-Flow mesh allows for extra stretch, making it perfect for the particularly tested zones of a sports garment.

All AWsome performance fabrics are treated with a special antibacterial finish to prevent a ‘stale’ smell over time.

Fabrics - AWsome Sports Logo Black


Every effort is made through design and development to achieve the most accurate fit across different body types. All AWsome Sports products complete extensive wearer trials to ensure the fit moves with your body when exercising. Additionally, we define our fit into 2 categories to help you choose the fit and shape that best suits your requirements. These are:

Slim – Slim-fit products will skim the surface of your body with some degree of “loose” fit

Relaxed – Relaxed-Fit products are looser fitting than the Slim-Fit and don’t contour every curve of your body. They are not however a “baggy” fit. Wearing a size up would achieve that.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is “Wicking”

Wicking is the process of drawing moisture (sweat) away from the body, through the fabric to the outer surface. At the outer surface the moisture evaporates into the air helping to keep you dry. This enhances comfort and helps to regulate body temperate whilst exercising.

Why use synthetic fibres instead of cotton?

Synthetic fibres are man-made and are better than cotton at transferring moisture away from the skin onto the outer surface of the fabric for evaporation. Cotton will hold moisture and can lead to you feeling cold and wet, which over prolonged periods is not good for your body during exercise. Due to the water retention, cotton will start to feel very heavy during intense exercise.

Kit Care

Looking after your AWsome Sports gear…

All AWsome Sports products have been specially developed for today’s modern athlete. Every garment goes through a lengthy period of research, testing and development before it is launched into the market.

This is aimed at helping you get the very best out of your AWsome Sports garments. The correct care will ensure the highest performance from our products.

General Advice To Help:

1: Do not use detergents with fabric softeners or any additives. No chemical means. Use non-biological washing powder / tablets. Chemicals can break down the fibres and wash out the colour faster.

2: Drying: We recommend line drying our products for a longer lifetime and to maintain their condition. Do not tumble dry.

Fabrics kit care