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Our AWsome Sports creator, Andy Whipp is now offering squash consultancy / sports club consultancy. Given his many, many… many years experience of all things squash at every level of the sport, and after countless people asking for his advice on a range of squash and club matters, we have decided to use his expertise to offer a FREE squash consultancy service!
We are happy to help with league and club committee ideas and decisions, event hosting, charity start-up, as well as squash advice to parents and professionals.
So if you need some general advice, inspiration, fresh ideas, or a mediator for your club or league committee debates – please contact Andy at info@awsomesports.co.uk for more information.

Andy Whipp AWsome Sports Consultant

Andy Whipp is an ex-professional player and top level coach for 17 years. Andy was the regular on-court coach to world champion and world No.1 Laura Massaro, day-to day coach to world No.4 Stewart Boswell and Commonwealth bronze medallist Nafiizwan Adnan. He has been involved with club and league committees, run tournaments, organised events and is a wildly respected for his knowledge, experience and advice.