Video Squash Coaching Vlog: 3 Ghosting patterns anyone can do

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New Vlog – A 4 minute video showing you 3 simple ghosting patterns.

Ghosting is absolutely vital to the development of your squash.

Improve your movement around the court and you will:

  1. Have more time on your shot aiding decision making and shot selections
  2. Be quicker
  3. Smoother and more balanced on every shot thus increasing shot quality
  4. Moving smoother will allow you brain to be calmer and less hectic, meaning you are less likely to become flustered and scrappy. Your consistency will increase dramatically
  5. You will use less energy moving to each shot, increasing your ability to play longer matches while maintaining your quality
  6. Your opponent will become disheartened as they struggle to move you out of position or tire you out.