Squash Trivia Quiz to win some AWsome prizes for your club

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Squash is back! After more than a year of lockdowns caused by Covid, we were finally allowed back on court this week.

To celebrate, we’re giving away £100 worth of back-to-squash goodies from AWsome Sports to help any club get back on their feet.

We have endured so many restrictions to our lifestyles during the past year or so and squash players were genuinely fed up with all the extra rules and regulations imposed on a limited return to court.

I could hear the collective cheers echoing across the UK this week as squash players all said: “No more bubbles, no more training games, and no more bl+++y sides!”

During the early months of lockdown, we saw some amazing people playing outdoors and drawing court lines on their garage walls to make sure they continued to get their squash fix.

However, as the winter months dragged on into spring, we were all getting restless, fidgety and desperate to get back on court.

So, if you’ve just come back from a game, put your feet up for 10 minutes and have a crack at the questions below.

You have until midday on Monday to enter. Simply play the one click form and click submit. Easy!

The winner will be announced next Friday. Good luck…