Squash – The Most Dynamic Sport In The World !

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Squash – The Most Dynamic Sport In The World

Dynamic lunges Dynamic leaps

You just need to take a look at these photos to realise how dynamic squash is.

Squash involves incredible speed, reactions, flexibility and strength, all in equally high measure. To physically be able to react and perform these lunges is a test of human limits, let alone be able to recover from that movement so you are ready to do it all over again a second later. When you isolate these movement in a photo, it makes you realise the complexity of squash movements; it’s a miracle squash can be played to an elite level without the body breaking down under the relentless strain of competition.

These photos are nothing special either. They are just a sample of photos taken on one non-specific day at the Windy City Open a few days ago. These particular photos did not make the crowd gasp with amazement, or make everybody stand up out of their seats. The stretches, lunges and jumps shown here are merely one isolated movement in one rally. Each rally consists of dozens of similar movements by each player. If you were to take every stretch and every leap over the course of a match, it would amount to an inconceivable amount.

We must hail squash professionals and give them the credit they deserve for being the phenomenal athletes they are. We have to also recognise squash as the ultimate sport that it is. It is a sport like no other.

Squash players and squash itself are truly unique; a truly remarkable sport.Dynamic strength, speed and balance

Dynamic stretches