Squash Coaching Blog: Sticking To Your Game Plan

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Sticking To Your Game Plan

Game planExample 1: You want to play fast but your opponent is playing slow!

This is tough. If you like to play fast like I do, people quickly realise this and try to play exceptionally slow. As a fast player this is frustrating, hence why they do it to you!

The key is not to whack the ball even harder because you will lose control of the ball and play in to your opponents’ hands. Your opponent will likely lob a lot in order to slow you down. Whenever possible, volley these lobs. The best way to generate the fast pace when you have no pace to feed off is to volley more, NOT to hit harder. The great thing with your opponent trying to play slow is it gives you plenty more opportunities to volley, so take them. It is with these volleys that you will maintain your preferred fast pace of play. Remember, fast squash doesn’t just come from hitting the ball as hard as you can. A controlled volley will also rush your opponent.


Example 2: You want to play slow and controlled but your opponent is playing fast!

The opposite side of the coin from above. You’re the slow player. The key is don’t panic. So often I have seen rallies turn into a ‘hack fest’ because the more controlled player is allowing themselves to be rushed, and when people feel rushed they do not think, so they do exactly the same as the other guy.

Remain calm, manoeuvre the ball in to the back two corners at a pace which you can control a good length. Use height on the front wall and wait for the loose shot from your opponent, it will come. When it does come it is likely to come at you quite quickly, but again have the presence of mind just to place the ball in to one of the four corners where the biggest space is. Playing controlled squash is all about manoeuvring the ball around the court, not about hitting one-off winners. Don’t aim too low to the tin, allow your opponent to get frustrated and if need be burn themselves out.Stick to your game plan