Squash Coaching Blog: What shot to play after a lob

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I remember talking to Laura Massaro about this several years ago before she went on to win The World Championships. When players were hitting high lobs against her she was either allowing the ball to bounce hoping the ball would come off the back wall, or she would volley but hitting the ball too hard, trying to be too aggressive.

Unless the lob from the front of the court is obviously over-hit and it will come off the back wall for an easy drive, you must always volley it. You cannot risk letting it bounce and possibly getting yourself cramped and stuck in the back corner. This happens a lot when there has been a decent lob played from the front forehand corner into the back backhand corner. People do not like to volley when the ball is high up on their backhand. I totally understand this; playing a high backhand volley is a more daunting task than reaching up on the forehand, so you must make the shot as simple as possible for yourself. You do not need to hit hard.

The mistake I see all the time is that players constantly try to hit the ball way too hard from above their head. This only increases the difficulty and more often than not, will lead to you hitting a poor shot. The key is to reach up and aim your volley to hit high on the front wall, somewhere in the top third. It is also considerably easier to hit your volley cross-court. And that’s it!

So if you have to deal with a good high lob, always volley it. Hit a high cross-court volley at a medium pace. This will get you out of trouble perfectly and put your opponent back into trouble. This is a simple rule you should stick to every time to make your squash more consistent and more effective.


Volley the lob



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