Coaching Blog : Backhand Volley Drop – Video Tutorial in Slow Motion

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Here we look at the Backhand Volley Drop from the ‘T’ area so we have the angle to hit the nick.
There are 2 ways to approach this shot:
– There’s the David Palmer way of taking the ball way out in front of your body and feathering the ball into the front backhand corner with very little pace.
– Or, there’s the Gregory Gaultier style. This takes the ball out of the air a little later than David Palmer which creates more of an angle to fizz the ball into the nick.

In this tutorial we look at the latter, the Gregory Gaultier approach.



The things to note during this shot are:
Shoulder turn and upper body rotation.
Early racket preparation away from your body
Still head position with the eyes watching the ball intently throughout the whole shot
Follow-through. It’s a punchy motion with the racket going straight though the line of the ball, ending up just out in front of you and pointing toward the corner. It is not a chop down with your racket ending pointing at the floor, and it is not a chop across the ball. It’s a simple punch through the line in which you are aiming.