Coaching Blog 2016 : Get Low!

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Get Low


After seeing these two photos today of current World Junior Champion and World No.3 player, Nouran Gohar, I had to write about it.

Previously I’ve talked about keys to a good drop shot off the bounce. These are bending and keeping your head down, so your eyes are along the line of your shot. Also remain still on the shot, and do not pull away until after you have played the stroke (including follow-through).

Nouran displays this drop shot perfectly here. How many players can say they ever get this low to play a drop shot? Not many!

Generally club players I watch or coach are too upright on their shot, meaning they chop down or simply hit down on the shot too much, usually resulting in them hitting down into the tin.

Nouran has shaken up the squash World at such a young age with her powerful hitting, but you can see she can also compliment that with lovely touch at the front of the court, aided by her excellent attention to detail on her soft shots as well as her hard ones.

Lesson: Get low, get your racket preparation behind the line of your drop shot then you can hit the ball in a straight line toward the front wall, instead of bringing your racket down on the ball from a higher preparation.


Thanks to Steve Cubbins and SquashSite for such perfect coaching photographs.