Coaching Blog 2016 : Follow-Through

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Blog : The Follow Through


The follow-through is a huge part of a good squash shot.

Too often I see people stopping their follow-through, or chopping down on the ball so finishing their swing down at their feet, or having very little follow-through because they have flicked at the ball and used too much wrist, which prevents a follow-through. A good follow-through comes from using the whole arm, like in a golf swing.

A lack of follow-through causes big issues, especially in the backhand back corner. Allow your arm to go through the shot and carry on until your arm is completely outstretched and your racket finishes slightly round your body.

I understand people are often nervous about hitting their opponent, but you won’t! In the extremely rare case this happens, it’s because your opponent is too close to you, not your fault. Don’t be afraid to try some shots in the knock-up where you exaggerate your follow-through, and you’ll notice the difference.

Gregory Gaultier has a lovely follow-through, but all good squash players do it. You simply cannot hit a consistently good drive out of the backhand back corner without a nice follow-through.

What I find aswell, is a good follow-through fills you with confidence. When I see people looking nervous, their swing looks stunted and flicky, so my advice is always to stay away from the ball, keep their head down and fully swing through the ball. It’s amazing how it helps connect with the ball better, thus making their shots better and more penetrating – plus, it feels great when you hit the ball cleanly and the ball flies off the strings.

This concept links in well with the last blog about hitting the ball harder, but the follow-through is also important to hit a nice drop shot. On a drop shot your follow through will be slow and soft to cushion the ball. This will give you more control than stopping the racket on impact, as many players mistakenly feel they have to do to take pace off the shot.

Lesson. Follow-through. Follow-through. Follow-through!!!

Below you can see Dessouky with a lovely follow-through even on a drop shot.