Building Your Strategy Around Super-Strengths

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Strategy - Superkid

Strengths, Weaknesses and Super-Strengths

Everyone knows about the importance of identifying your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete. This mainly serves to highlight your weaknesses so you can work to improving them.

About 10 years ago Nick Matthew talked about super-strengths in a coaching interview. I love this.

Instead of identifying what you’re bad at and trying to avoid these being exposed in a match, know what you’re good at, improve them even more and turn them into super-strengths. Then plan your strategy around using these super-strengths whenever possible.

This is a much more positive approach to a game plan, whereas protecting your weak areas is a negative way of thinking.

For Nick, he wanted to get onto his favourite forehand volley drop shot from a loose cross-court. He would squeeze his opponent by playing slow, tight and accurate on the left side (backhand for a right-hander), then they would want to cross-court to the forehand side to increase the pace of the rally. That’s when he pounces!

I really believe people in life should focus more on what they are best at.

As a squash player – identify what you are best at and build your strategy from there.

Be proactive! Be confident.

Strategy - Super-strengths - Nick's forehand volley drop