Squash Coaching Blog: Where To Aim Your Straight Drive

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Use The Painted Target

Squash court - straight drives

The straight drive is probably the most important shot in a squash rally. It’s the one shot that everyone has to play, whether you are an attacking player or an attritional player. It restricts your opponents’ options when played well. It’s safe and aggressive.

Anyway, when hitting a straight drive from the back of the court, where do I aim? I get asked this all the time, and it has a simple answer, that no-one seems to think about or get told. So here it is, the piece advice to change your life forever………….

When hitting a straight drive from the back corner you should generally aim for the service line. There’s a painted target on every squash court in the World just for you. Use it!

It’s high enough that your shot will reach the back corner, whether you’re hitting hard or medium pace, and it’s low enough that it makes it difficult for your opponent to volley. When the ball reached the half-court line, where your opponent would want to volley, the ball has dropped below hip height, which is a difficult height to volley, so more often than not, if your shot is tight enough, your opponent will opt not to volley and let the ball run into the back corner. You move forward to the ‘T Area’ and you’re in control of the rally. Bingo! Job done.

Driving from the front corners is different, cross-court drives are different, but straight drives from the back corner – easy: Service Line!!